House Band at The King’s Theatre Panto

I jumped at the chance to photograph the ‘house band’ during a performance of the pantomime ‘Cinderella’ at The King’s Theatre, Glasgow.  After a short meeting with the band and their wonderful Musical Director, Pamela McLennan I was given unfettered access to shoot as I chose during the show.

Whilst Pam sat at stage level, the other band members were all located with line of sight to Pam in a dark subterranean ‘pit’.

They were lit only by the lights on their music stands and a little residual light spilling in from the stage above.

Photographically one of my most challenging projects to date with hardly any light to work with.  I was pushing ISO’s above 10,000 and shooting f4 and 1/30s or less most of the time.

Musical Director, ‘Auntie’ Pam McLennan
The amazing Gordon Wilson on drums
Davie Dunsmuir on acoustic & electric guitars


Matt Abrams on keyboards
Gordon’s very limited view from the drum booth
Pam fixated on the cast members
Matt keeps his eyes fixed on Pam for his next cue
John Allan being watched over by Gordon on drums
Gordon Wilson laying it down and still with time to look cool!
Pam and Gordon share a moment during the show
Pam taking it all in

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