Roddy Frame @ Rough Trade Records

An intimate, impromptu gig in Rough Trade Records, Spitalfields, London ahead of Roddy’s tour to launch his new album ‘Seven Dials’ahl02121_14145743566_oahl02122_14145740686_oahl02125_2_14189007673_oahl02127_14166189272_oahl02128_14189002683_oahl02133_14165601211_oahl02136_13982250979_oahl02137_14189020663_oahl02138_13982258629_oahl02139_14168912855_oahl02140_2_14168986784_oahl02142_14165612271_oahl02143_14165622101_oahl02147_14168927785_oahl02154_13982282059_oahl02158_13982299878_oahl02159_2_13982299297_o

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